V R K S & Associates provides complete Back office support especially for the new start ups of small, medium and large sizes. We have a dedicated team of professionals who have rich experience in back office operations. Our professionals work in close cooperation with the employees and always eager to provide them with all support as per the requirement of the company.

i. Payroll Roll Accounting
We offer Payroll Roll Accounting services to businesses; our company employs latest software in preparation of the payrolls. Since payroll accounting forms important part of the operating expenses, its careful preparation is very important since these figures are ultimately used in preparation of financial statements.

ii. Inventory Accounting
Inventory accounting is very important for manufacturing companies, since it is one of the important parameters determining companies performance in terms of cash flow and inventory flow. We offer specialized inventory accounting services which helps manufacturing companies in effective inventory management.

iii. Cash Flow/ Fund Flow/ Budgeting
We offer Cash Flow/ Fund Flow/ Budgeting services to the clients since this is very time consuming and needs expertise in calculating the value of future cash flows of the companies. This budgeting ultimately determines for the companies the future credits that have to be given to the clients and investment issues.

iv. Financial Statements
We offer meticulous Financial Statement preparation services to the clients. Financial statements like Balance sheet, P/L account, Cash flow statement etc. requires careful analysis of the accounts of the company which is core of the services offered by us.

v. Reconciliation
V R K S & ASSOCIATES offers bank reconciliation and payroll reconciliation services to the clients. Bank and payroll reconciliation services are very time consuming which could have been used in other profitable operations. Therefore we work in close cooperation with the clients without taking much of their time.

vi.Accounts Payables
V R K S & ASSOCIATES offers services to clients in managing their account payable file of the company. It forms part of the expense administration and we appoint an expense administrator on companies’ behalf to monitor these expenses. Its proper documentation is very important for taxation purposes.

vii. Accounts Receivables
Accounts Receivables is one of the series of billing of accounting transactions that is used in billing of customer of goods and services that they have ordered. We use latest accounting software to calculate the accounts that are to be received or received to correctly prepare the Trial Balance and the Balance Sheet of the company.

viii. Periodic Review
V R K S & ASSOCIATES offers services of quarterly, half yearly and annual review of the accounts of the company. These periodic reviews are important to make adjustments in the debit and credit entries of the accounts. These adjustments are ultimately shown in the financial statements and hence carry a great importance for the companies.

ix. Data Processing
V R K S & ASSOCIATES also offers data processing services to the clients. We use latest computer software to enter accounting data to summarize, analyze convert data into usable information like financial reports, auditors’ reports and annual reports for the companies.